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Address: No. 2, YanLi Road, NanHe Economic Development Zone, XingTai City, HeBei Province

Focus on pet food manufacturing, building first-class Chinese pet food brand! Ronsy Company is fully committed to this noble business, using its own pet food production and marketing experience of many years, promoted by the French advanced technology and equipment to develop and produce the "Aier" and "LiangBei" two series products. 

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Raw materials: Ronsy, as a large-scale enterprise with pet food import and export qualification, purchases raw materials according to the certification standards. The company has established two 1,500 tons and 3,500 tons of cold storage in order to guarantee the large amount of fresh meat demand for daily production.


Process: The use of advanced animal protein circulating hydrolysis process, combined with biological enzymolysis , helps to form more easily absorbable peptide molecule. Using 38 rigorous process procedures to avoid nutrients being destroyed.


Technology: The company owns Clesxtral automated production equipment imported from France. Using computer control, the company ensures that products can be produced in strict condition in accordance with process specifications. 

【Product Power】

Company advantages and strategies

influences:Mainly two brands are  "Al" and "LiangBei" series which include hundreds of SKU. At present, we have operated and sold in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly all over the country. Nearly 1,000 strategic cooperation partners have been established. The performance is stepping forward year after year, and the market is expanding rapidly.


Credit:As a senior member of the Pet Professional Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and the China Pet Food Standards Committee, Ronsy is also one of the makers of the entire domestic pet food industry standard. We make products by follow the conscience, and make customers to buy with assurance and let pets eat at ease.


Quality:Ronsy always adheres to the “customer first, quality-oriented” concept. The factory establishes a complete sterile laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory and quarantine laboratory in accordance with the food QS standard. Ensure that the raw materials from the factory to the finished product can be accurately monitored and traced throughout the process; thus ensuring the quality of the product.

【Distribution Power】

Ronsy, as a large-scale enterprise with pet food import and export qualification, purchases raw materials according to the certification standards.

Talent Strategy

Ronsy Pet Food Co., Ltd is committed to creating a platform for employees to achieve success, create a good learning environment and atmosphere; encourage employees to continue to progress and improve their overall ability.

Adhere to the concept of employing talented people as the first strategy. Employees are not selected by set form. Ronsy pay attention to the actual work ability and development potential of employees. Make each employee " do their best" and "performance full potential" in different positions.

The company unswervingly adheres to the marketing concept of “win-win with customers” and strictly implements the “customer first, quality-oriented” concept.

"Develop strength together, build agreement for cooperation, and insist on  integrity for long partnership". Ronsy is willing to sincerely cooperate with people of insight from all walks of life to grow together and create brilliant future!

Festival promotions actively stimulating consumer purchasing desires.Fostering stable consumer groups. Buy something get something free.

【Brand promotion】

【Strategic cooperation】

Company Marketing Strategy






Combining the basics of the terminal, timely delivery of media, soft media and media advertising, our topical advertisements: Respect and Love Pet Life..

Our company grow up with the dealers, win-win co-operation, share benefits together; Our company protect the interests of agents in cooperation. Strategy settings of channels: Manufacturers → Agents (Cooperation) → Consumers.

Ronsy, as a large-scale enterprise with pet food import and export qualification, purchases raw materials according to the certification standards.





The 18th Asian Pet Fair in 2015 was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, the only brand exhibition in Asia that has passed the UFI professional certification by the Global Exhibition Industry Association. The Asia Pet Exhibition has been held in Hong Kong since 1997. With the rapid economic development of the pet industry in China, it has now become one of the most influential pet industry brand exhibitions in Asia.
The exhibition showed a comprehensive display of our company's products, focusing on the launch of our company's fresh meat products—live meat slaughtered within 48 hours of meat source, 18 degrees Celsius ultra-low temperature storage, and exclusive microwave instant thawing technology to ensure good taste. Keep the nutrients of the raw material intact.
The exhibition was very lively and the customers queued up. The exhibition was a complete success!