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Address: No. 2, YanLi Road, NanHe Economic Development Zone, XingTai City, HeBei Province

Focus on pet food manufacturing, building first-class Chinese pet food brand! Ronsy Company is fully committed to this noble business, using its own pet food production and marketing experience of many years, promoted by the French advanced technology and equipment to develop and produce the "Aier" and "LiangBei" two series products. 

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I love LiangBei, .....Whenever I feel empty, lonely, or irritated, it will quietly accompany you; when we are happy, we will jump and play together. When I am in danger, it will put courage and desperate protection in front of you.....

When I was missing my childhood, I walked along the field path that I went to school every day, and little LiangBei that followed in the laps and jumped along with me all the way. In my life, it maybe only a companion, but for it, during that time, I was the only one in its entire world.

We all like to taste naturally, and we prefer to enjoy the harmonious beauty when we get along. Now in your name, bring together natural rich and nutritious ingredients. I will give you the best! The best for you!

LiangBei Brand Story

But I knew LiangBei would only have me in his heart.

To him, I am the whole



I have many people to treasure in my life

For me, it's more than just a puppy

He is a partner



That year, little LiangBei was just born!

Natural taste

I come from here

Mountains and rivers are reflected by the rising sun

The air is full of sweet taste

Pure and healthy growth


I grew up, LiangBei grew up too!

I go fishing and picking wild berries

Beautiful hometown, happy childhood

There is also a small partner -- LiangBei who grew up with me.