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Focus on pet food manufacturing, building first-class Chinese pet food brand! Ronsy Company is fully committed to this noble business, using its own pet food production and marketing experience of many years, promoted by the French advanced technology and equipment to develop and produce the "Aier" and "LiangBei" two series products. 

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In Armenian mythology, Aier was the king of the mythological system and the father of Barr (the Sun and the Storm God). Because Barr damage mortal unscrupulously , Aier seal its magic amulet veering within the four elements. The four characters are buried by Armenian people around the world, which would continue to protect the health and well-being of family. It may be for us that pets are only part of life, but for pets, we are all God in their lives. We should give pets the best care like Aier in the myth.

Aier Brand Story

"Ai" and "love" have a homonym,"Er" means "you" in ancient times.

Aier's implied meaning is to love you - the most pure and pure feelings for pets.We are the Aier of the pet food industry. Our objective is to make the pet life happier.Fresh and safe Aier Pet Food can satisfy your pet's all discerning taste buds.