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Taiwan bride saves money with 6 cats "immigrants"

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Many pets will be abandoned or sent to others after the owner's life changes, but there is a Taiwanese bride who will marry in Japan. In order to raise the quarantine expenses for the "immigrants" of 

Many pets will be abandoned or sent to others after the owner's life changes, but there is a Taiwanese bride who will marry in Japan. In order to raise the quarantine expenses for the "immigrants" of pet cats, she had to save money for two years and insisted on bringing her cats to a happy new life together.

The Taiwanese bride, who had to marry into Japan, had many cats. She believed that "because cats are family members and they need to raise them for a lifetime", they decided to let all cats in the family "immigrants" regardless of age. It is reported that from Taiwan to bring a cat to Japan, the quarantine cost is 36,000 yuan (NTD, the same below), and the freight rate is 15 US dollars per kilogram. The cat loves the bride and saves money to prepare for two years. In this flight she intends to take away 6 cats, and the remaining ones will wait for the second time to “immigrant”.

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