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Studies show that dogs can understand people

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Many people who live in the dog love to talk to their own dogs. Sometimes they are everyday short sentences. Sometimes they even talk to the dog for a day. So can a dog understand what people say?

Many people who live in the dog love to talk to their own dogs. Sometimes they are everyday short sentences. Sometimes they even talk to the dog for a day. So can a dog understand what people say?

A study by the University of Roland, Hungary, found that dogs, the most faithful friends of humans, can really understand people!

The school’s researchers tested 13 dogs, including German shepherds, golden retrievers and border collies, and scanned their brains with MRI as they listened to the trainers

  Studies have found that dogs and humans use the left half of the brain to interpret speech and the right half to analyze tone. The dog's brain can interpret what humans say and how they say. They really understand what the master says.

University neuroscientist and chief researcher Andyx pointed out that the dog's brain cares what humans say and how they say it, and that friendly and praising words are accompanied by appropriate tone, and it will “receive” it. This discovery helps to improve communication and cooperation among human dogs.

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