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Giant VIPs with companion dogs

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In life, everyone should raise the most is the Poodle, of course, we generally see the mini-VIP, that is, we often say that the small Teddy, they are usually small size and flexible, like a plush toy 

In life, everyone should raise the most is the Poodle, of course, we generally see the mini-VIP, that is, we often say that the small Teddy, they are usually small size and flexible, like a plush toy The appearance is very popular with everyone. However, today's introduction is to enlarge the Teddy's body several times the size of the big Teddy, which is a giant Poodle, the degree of cuteness is even more!

The giant poodle, as its name implies, is a large, VIP concubine. Poodles greater than 48 cm in height are called giant poodles. Except for larger ones, the rest are basically the same as poodles and have curls or bundles that are unique to the poodles.

The giant VIPs are active, alert, and elegant in action. They have good physical proportions and vigorous movements, showing a confident posture.

Star Huo Siyan’s “camel” is a huge and expensive animal.

Ma Ma back like a plush bear.

Giant VIPs are not susceptible to hair loss, but hair is easy to knot and requires constant care. After the hair is trimmed and carefully combed in the traditional way, the poodle will show its unique and noble temperament.

The huge VIP character is excellent, the IQ ranks second (behind the border Collie), willing to learn and receive training, it is very suitable for everyone's small partner.

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